Kelvin Tool Changer
End-effector exchange system for small collaborative robots

Henning Forbech
A new tool changer designed for collaborative robots designed by Henning Forbech from 4TECH Aps

Breaking news:
Patent is now public!

Danish patent: DK 179744 B1
PCT patent pending: WO 2019/080977 A1

Next chance to meet Kelvin Tool Changer:

- Temadag om Bin Picking at DanRobotics,
Middelfart, june 25th. 2019

Ready for first test in production setup

January 2019 Kelvin Tool Changer will start the first test in a production setup.
The tool exchanger will be used to optimize dispensing different types of glue for parts in a serial production.

Glue dispencer parked in the docking station

Teknologisk Institut, Aarhus

More information on the MADE Demonstration Project

New Year 2018

At the StartUp Walk-In in Odense April 12 the name and logo was reveal for the first time

    Started on "Digital Growth Path"
- an accelerator program for startups at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

The new batch of startups Spring 2018

RobotUnion Jury Day at San Sebastian, Spain

All the Go Grow teams at Demo Day

The Kelvin Tool Changer project got a award from Nordic Alpha Partners

Kelvin Tool Changer in the press:

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